Welcome to the Ryan West Project

I wish I was a writer, a poet, a song writer or some sort of notable creative skill, but I am not. I strive and wish to be all of these things but I will be the first to admit I am none.

This blog is a place for me to share my many world experiences, incites, stories, and perspectives on what is current.

I have been to jail more then any other person I know at my age, currently I am 30 years old a widow, felon, I have been shot at more times then I can count, I have been arrested 20+ times, charged with over one hundred felonies convicted of only one, been in 3  raids, and been in a high speed chase. This is just the highlight reel and no where near the good stuff, so stay tuned.

Along with my many world experiences I also have a very unique view on the world we live in today. Personally I do not carry a cell phone, I never use Facebook unless to promote my blog, I hate twitter, and I find most writing and social media to be the lowest form of narcism available today. Yes I realize that I am saying this while writing a blog and yes I will admit I am a narcissist, yes I am an ass hole, douche bag and pretty much whatever else you can thing of calling a writer but bottom line is I am all of these things but I also have a lot to say and share. So bottom line welcome to the Ryan West Project. Please share your view, Please tell me how you really feel, and please know I will always give you the same respect you give me.



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